The wonderful world of Aboriginal Languages

Welcome to the Murdi Paaki Languages website.
The Murdi Paaki Languages Hub aims to collaborate and preserve Aboriginal Languages and the secrets they hold.
Gamilaraay, Paakantyi, Wangaaypuwan and 
Wayilwan Ngiyambaa are 4 of 70 languages and dialects spoken in New South Wales before European Invasion. We endeavour to re-awaken and revive our Languages ensuring the Murdi Paaki community have access to culturally appropriate resources including this website.

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Phone: 1800 035 721

REDI.E supports the local language initiative. REDI.E is an Indigenous owned and managed organisation, proud to deliver employment, training and community services within the Murdi Paaki region and other parts of NSW. As a viable and independent organisation, REDI.E also operate a number of social enterprises in these communities.

The Indigenous Languages and Arts program (ILA) provides funding for projects and organisations that support participation in and maintenance of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures through languages and arts.

The Murdi Paaki Languages Reference Group is proud of the Murdi Paaki Languages Hub Project. The project is an outcome of years of consultation and planning, supported by the Department of Communications and Arts.